Ascension Chiropractic – $50 Initial Consultation

$50 Initial Consultation (normally $150)
Includes a consultation, physical exam, INSiGHT scans (spinal themography, sEMG posture analysis, and Heart Rate Variability assessment).

Show your Parent Parcel app when you attend your appointment and we will click ‘Redeem’ to apply the discount.

Terms and Conditions
* This offer is an opportunity for a New Patient to find out the cause of their condition and to see if chiropractic care can help.
* This offer does NOT include any chiropractic care/adjustments.
* If you decide that you would like to proceed with chiropractic care, our normal adjustment fees will apply.
* There is no obligation to begin chiropractic care.
* Chiropractic care will only commence where there is informed consent from the patient.
* Chiropractic care will only commence where there is reasonable clinical indication that it will be beneficial.
* This is not a time-limited offer.

Contact Details
We are here to be of service, when you are ready.

We are in Shenton Park, book now at

We can’t wait to meet you and your family soon!

Ascension Chiropractic has one question in mind: how can we help your health and your life ascend to a new level?
Whether you are searching for solutions for pain, want the highest expression of life and wellbeing, want to have a health check-up or just want a second opinion for you or your family, let’s start with a consult to see if we can help – if we can’t, we will let you know who can.
We believe we are all born to do extraordinary things, including experience amazing health. We know that the stressors of life can impact our body’s ability to heal and function, and those repeated stresses over time can limit our expression of health, vitality and the enjoyment of life.
Our mission is to help facilitate change- by looking at the causes of stress in yours and your family’s life, and by working with the body to be more resilient and adapt greater to the challenges of life.
The end result? A body that expresses life- less pain, more movement, a calmer, more balanced nervous system able to take on life to a whole new level, the way we should be.
We love taking care of pregnant families preparing for birth, babies and children wanting the best start to life, teenager and adults needing some help dealing with the day-to-day, and everyone in between.

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