Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge – Buy One Get One Free Coffee

Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge – Buy One Get One Free Coffee

Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge – Buy One Get One Free Coffee

Now twelve years old , Clancy’s in Canning Bridge is the second child. In the early years she struggled to get out of the shadow of the older sibling , she now has a voice of her own. And a loud voice it is ,with many people declaring this to be their favourite of the Fish Pubs…Settled down in a business and residential district, she has a very strong local customer support who love all things fish and beer. A recent refit has the locals thrilled and a whole new customer is ready to be embraced into the warm hospitality on offer Clancy’s Canning Bridge. A true local, Clancy’s is as comfortable and welcoming as an old pair of slippers and a comfy chair. The true pub makes you feel welcome, the staff will know your name, and pour your favourite tipple before you find your seat. It is accommodating, and welcoming of a wide variety of people. Whether it is for an early morning coffee, superb fish and chips , a pint of brilliant craft beer ,a glass of chardonnay, reading the paper ,listening to the local band , and of course most importantly, talking and exchanging views with your friends and relations( maybe NOT the relations ), Clancy’s Canning Bridge provides for all tastes, shapes and sizes. Come on down and get a taste of it…….



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