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We exist to help build your village because we’re not supposed to do it alone.

Mother Me is a postpartum meal delivery service in Perth, WA. We make, nourishing meals inspired by Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine with a western twist. Each ingredient is specially chosen to help nourish the new mother. We know how important it is for new mums to be well fed and looked after and how hard it is to find the time to do so when you have a new baby. We want to make this easy for new mums by providing a seamless, delicious and nutritious meal delivery service in Perth, WA.

After the delivery of a baby, the digestive power of the mother is often diminished. A new mother’s digestive system is very delicate yet her needs are great.

Choice of foods and how well a mother digests her food can directly influence her milk as well as her rejuvenation, strength, and comfort. Ayurvedic food is typically warm, soft and easy to digest.

Mother Me is putting mums first and bringing awareness to the importance of supporting recovery after having a baby.

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