Signing Hands – $25 Off Your First Term

Signing Hands – $25 Off Your First Term

$25 Off Your First Term of Signing Hands Classes

Signing Hands is the leading provider of baby and toddler sign language classes in WA. Baby signing has massive benefits for any children with delayed speech or disability, but it is also very widely used now with hearing babies as well.

Research has shown that babies who sign are much happier and have fewer tantrums because they can express their needs and desires clearly to their parents, without having to cry. Signs are always used alongside speech, the babies learn the word, sign and object. They use the sign first, then sign and speak. Once their word is being understood they naturally drop the sign. Using signs with babies learning more than one oral language is also hugely beneficial as the sign ties the two words together.

Babies can copy signs from as early as 5-6 months. they revel in the fact that they are being understood and they can’t wait to learn more signs to tell us things. Signing babies and toddlers talk sooner, have larger vocabularies and potty train earlier than their non signing peers. There is no limit to what we can teach them & we are constantly amazed at how much they understand and want to tell us


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