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Parent Parcel – Our Story

At just 2 weeks old, Julianne’s son Riley was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital with respiratory issues… This was the first of many, and on the eighth terrifying admission through the emergency department, Riley was admitted for 3 months. Julianne witnessed firsthand the incredible work all the staff do day in and out, and reflected on how lucky we are to be born in a country with a first class hospital system. She was determined to figure out a way to give back to the hospital that saved her son’s life, and that is why $2 from every Parent Parcel subscription is donated directly to Perth Children’s Hospital (formerly called PMH) as well as Zero2Hero.

Parent Parcel Pty Ltd, is the Ultimate Parent Directory of Perth …. whether you are pregnant, a new parent or an established family, we share with you places of which you didn’t know existed, and services that you would not have dreamed of utilising before becoming a parent. We are proud to share with you the businesses we are partnering with, as we have personally used their products or services or have been recommended them by someone in the Parent Parcel community.

We are three everyday mums from Perth who came up with this idea over a cup of take away coffee at the beautiful Braithwaite Park in Mount Hawthorn. We were talking about the struggles of being a new mum, particularly how hard it can be to ensure you get out of the house with your little one every day to see the sunshine and feel the leaves on the trees… without blowing the budget (especially if you are on parental leave with only one income). We joked, as we all knew all the best restaurants and bars around Perth… however parks, playcentres, gymbaroo, swimming lessons and kid friendly cafes / restaurants were a whole new world to us. We also wished that someone had given us an insight to all the products and services that we would have liked or needed, during our pregnancies and beyond, once our little bundles arrived. We never dreamt of seeing a physio for a pregnancy massage when we experienced back pain… or didn’t realise we’d need their help after the birth to repair pelvic floor muscles….. We thought that pregnancy photoshoots were only something celebrities did and didn’t realise the value of someone delivering a healthy meal for you or cleaning your house during first few weeks at home with a newborn.

So as we were drinking our coffee (which seems to be a new found love to all mums), we thought to ourselves… what if we could get most of the cafes surrounding the best parks of Perth to give away deals to parents who want to get out the house and take their kids to the park? So we created a ‘Coffee Fix Next to a Park / Playground’ category… From there we found that many families would benefit from an entire ‘family’ directory for their older children too, so we created an ‘Activities and Sports’ section, and of course we had to include a section for Special Occasions / Birthdays after planning our own children’s christenings and birthday parties.

We wanted to create the ultimate directory of Perth where everything ‘pregnancy and family’ related could be found in the one place to save other parents precious time searching through the web looking for trusted brands. So we have partnered with more than 250 local businesses in Perth, to help support families and build a community – whilst supporting the local businesses.

We want to share our experiences with the Perth family community, hoping to make their experience fun and exciting whilst saving you money at the same time.

Thank you
Julianne, Aisha and Elise