Scarletts Smile

Scarletts Smile

Scarlett is a beautiful little Perth girl, with the biggest heart and most infectious smile. However, because of a very rare genetic disorder, she faces a number of challenges, and unfortunately the mutation on her GNB1 gene has left her severely disabled.  She has been diagnosed with global development delay (she is nearly two years old but unfortunately cannot roll, sit, crawl or stand unassisted), cortical vision impairment and sensorineural hearing loss.

Scarlett receives support services from the Ability Centre and attends Carson St school (early intervention classes) but unfortunately needs much more therapy than the mainstream system can provide. She recently did her first NAPA intensive therapy program over in Sydney, and her progress was nothing short of amazing.

Scarlett 2We are hoping to register for 2 more intensive programs in 2018, however unfortunately these therapies come at a massive cost, upward to $10,500 AUD. This is why we’ve had to turn to fundraising.  For our beautiful Scarlett to have any chance of sitting or walking independently one day, we have to give her every opportunity in terms of early intervention and cutting edge therapies.

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Please read below for more information on our beautiful Scarlett, and her journey so far

Hi, my name is Scarlett, and I am a beautiful little girl from Perth. Because of a rare genetic disorder, I face a number of challenges. I have something called Hypotonia, which means I am very floppy and have low muscle tone. I am 21 months old, but unfortunately I cannot roll, sit, crawl or stand unassisted. I was also born with a cleft palate, club foot, hearing loss and a level of vision similar to legal blindness, as well as being at high risk of seizures. My mum and dad have set up a Facebook page for me called Scarlett’s Smile (www.facebook.com/scarlettssmile) because, in spite of this all, I am always smiling and living life to the fullest. Please share my journey, and support my parents fundraising efforts for cutting edge therapies, to maximise my development and help ensure my quality of life. Thank you so much for your time!  LOVE Scarlett xo

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