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Parent Parcel – Our Story

My name is Lia, I am an everyday working mum. My husband Joe and I recently purchased Parent Parcel from three wonderful ladies from Perth who came up with the idea to create Parent Parcel over a cup of coffee.

It all began in 2016 when one of the previous owners newborn son was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital with respiratory issues. On the eighth terrifying admission through the emergency department, he was admitted for 3 months. It was witnessed firsthand the incredible work all the staff do day in and out, and reflected on how lucky we are to be born in a country with a first class hospital system. Around this time, the Ultimate Savings Directory of Perth, was born. The aim was to give back and support local charities, for the support they offer the community.

In 2019, the three previous owners became limited with time to put into this wonderful platform, and we have now become the proud new owners of Parent Parcel.

Whether you’re an expectant mother, a new parent or an established family, we share with you places around Perth to experience, and offer services to utilise. We are proud to share with you the businesses we are partnering with, and highly recommend them, not only from our experience, but feedback from the Parent Parcel community.

Being an everyday mum myself you’re always trying to find the sunshine and enjoy what Perth has to offer without the price tag, especially If you’re on one income. I originally came across Parent Parcel in 2017 as I was seeking activities to enjoy with my daughter, and places to visit with family and friends. Parent Parcel not only provided me with thousands of offers, it showed me all the fun that’s there to be had! 

As a family we enjoy Gymbaroo, swimming lessons, breakfast and coffee catch-ups. We also sneak in a cheeky date night on the occasional evening, whilst receiving discounts from generous businesses across Perth. The research was done for me, and now it’s my turn to expand the businesses and provide more offers and research for you!

There are 16 categories to save you time searching through the web looking for trusted brands. We have partnered with over 500 local businesses in Perth, and we aim to bring you more.

We hope you enjoy Parent Parcel as much as we do, it’s a great feeling to share the love, and provide a platform to benefit other parents and local businesses.

Thank you,
Lia and Joe