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Welcome to Parent Parcel

Welcome to Parent Parcel – Our Story! At just 2 weeks old, Julianne’s son Riley was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital with respiratory issues… This was the first of many, and on the eighth terrifying admission through the emergency department, Riley was admitted for 3 months. Julianne witnessed firsthand the incredible work all the staff


But first… COFFEE!

Hi guys, my name is Elise and I am one of the Directors at Parent Parcel and this is my first ever blog so I hope you enjoy it! After becoming a mum, I have learnt to love in so many more ways and to appreciate the smaller things in life…. First and foremost is


The Chronicles of Grand Pop Part One: Roped in for a blog….

Part One: Roped in for a blog…. I didn’t really understand what I was letting myself in for when I committed to “writing  a blog”……..truth be told I didn’t, and still don’t really know what a blog is. Yep, that’s me categorised already …..a sexagenarian baby boomer in denial of old age desperately holding on