Parents and Babies Under Construction!

Parents and Babies Under Construction!

Congratulations on the pending birth of your baby!  By now you might have an idea about the birthing process and where you will be having your baby.  However, there are a number of conversations that parents-to-be need to have in order to make the transition to parenting a bit easier……



  1. How each of you were parented. Some examples of topics of conversation include: Were your parents strict or were they more relaxed about boundaries? Where did you sleep – in your own room or in your parents room or bed? Were you encouraged to express your emotions or were you discouraged? Did you have regular routines around bedtimes and meal times? Did the whole family sit down for meals together? Were you brought up practicing a religion?
  2. Yours and your partners beliefs and values around parenting. Topics of conversation include: How hands – on are each of you going to be? Are you wanting your baby to be breastfed? Are there any cultural differences between the two of you with regard to parenting? Do you view the role of a mother and that of a father in the same way? Is one of you going to be a stay at home parent or are you both going to participate in the work force? What beliefs do you each have with regard to children’s independence, compliance and asserting themselves? If you have a baby boy, what about circumcision?
  3. How the two of you wish to parent. What changes to parenting style from how you were parented are you wanting to make? How are you going to respond when your baby cries? What changes, if any, to baby’s sleep space do you want to make? Is your child going to be raised in a particular religion and if so, what does this entail? How are you going to discipline your child?
  4. Supporting each other when you become parents. How are you going to manage money and finances? How are you going to help each other catch up on sleep? How will you share baby duties? How are you going to divide up the household chores? How are you going to remain intimate without sex for a while? How are you going to make sure you keep connected and communicating with each other?
  5. Looking after baby if you both work. When do you (normally the mother) intend to return to work and if so how many hours? Who will you trust to look after your baby – family, childcare or family care?


As you actually experience parenting after the birth of your baby you may find that some of the decisions made above do change.  This is entirely normal.  The key however is to ensure that the two of you continue to have open and respectful discussions around these important parenting issues.


If you know of people who are also pregnant, and they live close to you, why not contact us about running our Pregnancy Series Workshop in your home (or at another suitable venue?). The value of attending the workshop series with other pregnant parents is that you develop your social networks before your baby is born.


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