Beyond Rest Perth – $14 off a Float Session

$14 off a Float Session Pay $65


We provide the most enhanced floatation experience possible. We have designed our centres using sacred geometry principles specifically to enhance the whole floatation experience. Everything we do from using I-Sopods ‘the Rolls Royce’ of floatation tanks, to the way we optimise our acoustics for the perfect possible float. Everything we do in mind is to provide you with the calmest and tranquil experience possible.

The best way to look at floatation is that it’s training wheels for meditation; getting you to a state where you feel present and what you were worried about no longer fazes you post float. Scientifically it reduces cortisol (stress), puts you in the theta wave state and produces endorphins. The magnesium salts allow you to relax on top of that, so a powerful combination of goodness happening there by you doing NOTHING!


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$14 Off

A Float Session