Empower Matrescence – 25% Off a Healing Birth Session

25% Off a Healing Birth Session

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Emma is a Registered Nurse and non-practising Midwife specialising in birth trauma support. She offers Healing Birth sessions to support you to debrief your birth that has left you feeling lost, angry, hurt, grieving or traumatised. She allows you to share your story in a safe, judgemental free space and gently helps you to unravel what happened and why to help you to find new understanding and to find peace and healing. She is a Timeline Reset practitioner and can take you through this hypnosis-like practice to help you to process any negative feelings that are lingering so that your healing journey is well underway by the end of the session to have you feeling better faster. She also provides you with further tools to take home to help you along your healing journey, with follow-up support if needed. These sessions can be held over zoom or in-person in the comfort of your own home if you are within 30 minutes of Perth CBD.

Emma has worked with mothers and babies for the past twelve years as a nurse & midwife and is a passionate advocate for matrescence (matrescence, like adolescence) – the transition that we all go through when we become mothers and can offer unique insights and guidance to help you along your mothering journey. She also offers tailored support in planning and preparing for your next birth after birth trauma.

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