Float and Restore – $15 Off Float Session

$60 Float Session usually $75


Imagine feeling weightless and deeply relaxed as your body is freed from gravity and tension. You have a profound sense of focus and clarity as your mind takes a timeout from the stresses of daily life. Visit Float and Restore in Perth and experience heightened states of relaxation, promote recovery times and enhance your creativity through Floatation Therapy.

Located in a sleepy corner of Wangara, near Joondalup, our centre offers four essential oil themed float suites, plus two massage rooms. Each room is totally private and fragranced with a soothing essential oil such as Lavender or Sandalwood to guarantee the most  relaxing atmosphere.Complement your float by choosing between a full body relaxation massage or an invigorating remedial massage and treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience!


Terms and Conditions – 

Deals valid between Monday and Thursday’s, Not valid on Public Holidays.


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$60 Float Session

Usually $75